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Will sports betting inevitably replace fantasy sports?


To end match-fitting: Because fantasy results are always based on performance statistics from an array of players, it’s invulnerable to match-fixing bribes and scandals. The fantasy format is ranked the lowest risk to the integrity of sports by world bodies. As match-fixing endures worldwide, and possibly accelerates with globalization, fantasy could emerge as the answer, socially and politically.

The kids prefer it: 32% of all American teens have played fantasy (vs. 18% of adults). American teens have long stamped their print on world trends. Then consider that even where sports betting is legal, you have to be 18 years old to bet. So most teens will start with free fantasy, then at age 18 start paying entry fees rather than switch to traditional sportsbook betting.

It’s a better fan experience: Fantasy sports is intellectually and emotionally engaging. It’s far more complex than betting on single games, and it puts fans in the more empowered role of coach or GM. It makes fans care about all the teams and all the players, not just their favorite team.

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