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Will sports betting inevitably replace fantasy sports?

Sharks in Action

Saahil Hilsud reacts to news on Twitter that Channing Frye is getting an unexpected start for the Orlando Magic. Computer scripts enable him to add Frye to 400 of his lineups. Hilsud wins 1st place in a DraftKings prize— and also 3rd, 4th and 7th, taking home hundreds of thousands in one night, adding to the $3 million he won during the year.

NFL Week 16—Eric Hafner pays over $30,000 in entry fees on 20 lineups. After the morning games, in good position, he switches his lineups to favorites to protect his lead. When the afternoon games end, he downloads the entire DraftKings database to analyze his competition’s positions. Hafner wins $1.6 million.

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