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Will sports betting inevitably replace fantasy sports?

New Shark Repellent

We will be heavily promoting a variety of ways to protect the casual player, including Beginner Contests, the capacity to challenge a friend in a direct Head-to- Head, and the ability to play in a pool with your Facebook friends. You won’t be getting matched up against anonymous multi-bettors anymore. We’re also regulating and approving the scripts in use.

Rick Cordella

FanDuel board member

Since their regulatory showdown in New York, DraftKings and its competitors are introducing fair-play features aimed at both bringing back casual players and appeasing the regulators.

Entry fees now as low as $2 successfully entice free players to convert. In 2010, 74% of players played for free. Now it’s inverted—70% pay entry fees.

The Friend or Foe question has been soundly answered. Fantasy is not a replacement for being a fan, it’s additive. Data shows that fantasy players consume 40% more sports content after becoming players.

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