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The high-pressure commercialization of the youth sports pipeline knows no bounds.

The Tools


Over the next decade, organizations at every level—professional leagues, player associations, the NCAA and national sports federations that oversee youth sports— will pass stricter rules to protect young athletes. Ubiquitous sensor- fed training apps will enable regulators to efficiently monitor young athletes’ activity levels at a scale never before possible. At the same time, technology will elevate the level of youth sports performance across the board in two important ways:

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    Thanks to sensor-generated performance data and analytics once available only to elite athletes, previously undetected diamonds in the rough will rise through the youth ranks on the strength of their abilities instead of the persuasive powers of pushy parents.

  • 02

    The tsunami of sports video captured on mobile devices and shared on YouTube will continue to drive the accelerating feedback cycle where developing athletes view, process and emulate the world’s best performances 24-7.

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