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What's the difference between the 40-second rocket burn of adrenaline and the sustained, elevated state of an athletic high, which can seem to last for hours?

Muscle Synchrony

HACK: 31% gains in power and 15% gains in endurance through transcranial direct-current stimulation—the delivery of a low, continuous electrical current to the brain through electrodes touching the scalp. The current raises the resting potential of motor cortex neurons, bringing them closer to their threshold potential and allowing the neurons to fire more readily, with less work. Also called the neural state of hyperplasticity, this approach may be the key to unlocking power, coordination and endurance. The result—after three weeks of training—is the learned capacity to collectively recruit all needed muscle groups with greater precision. This technology, developed from implants that detect and prevent epileptic seizures, is being used in training by athletes of all kinds—from golfers wanting to improve their putting to ski jumpers wanting to improve their launch from the ramp.

  • Increase in propulsion force for national team ski jumpers after transcranial stimulation

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