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What's the difference between the 40-second rocket burn of adrenaline and the sustained, elevated state of an athletic high, which can seem to last for hours?

Motion Prediction

HACK: Stroboscopic glasses. In highspeed games, players have to make instantaneous decisions in reaction to only a glimpse of the action. Athletes learn to function with less information— resulting in improved reaction time, visual acuity and sense of timing. In a two-week study using professional hockey players, stroboscopic training showed an 18% improvement over a control group in specific on-ice skill tests.

New glasses, using similar techniques, will be developed to increase other visual abilities, including peripheral vision and multiple object tracking.

  • Improvement over a control group in specific on-ice skill tests


That improvement for on-ice skills for professional players is huge.

Stephen Mitroff

Duke University neuroscientist

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