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Generation Z: Can the sports industry ever make money on them?

Generation Y vs. Generation Z




Born 1985–2000 Born from 2000 onward
Grew up during a strong economy with little global unrest Growing up during recession and terrorism, marked by sporadic mass violence and national divisiveness
Their books and movies explored magic and fantasy, often in quasi-historic kingdoms Their books and movies portray dystopian futures where kids are imprisoned or hunted
Spend money readily without price awareness 57% would rather save money than spend it
Consider diversity important for fairness and inclusion, even if it costs The most diverse generation ever sees diversity as crucial to problem solving; grew up with an African-American president and have seen same-sex marriage legalized
Online tools fed their need for acceptance, but they’ve had to learn hard lessons about harassment, lack of anonymity, being too kind to strangers and loss of privacy Have been taught since birth to avoid spam, ads, phishing, bots and predators, connecting only with real friends online
Saw name-brand college education as path to success—taking on monumental debt and driving up application rates everywhere More likely to “hack” education by taking advantage of cheaper community colleges, online credits and professional courses
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