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How New Immersive Technologies are changing Sports

Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality: kids—and, eventually, adults— will spend increasingly significant amounts of their lives inside these environments. Goldman Sachs predicts the AR/VR market will be $85 billion by 2025. Digi-Capital is far more bullish, predicting it’ll reach $150 billion by just 2020. VR and AR are both heralded as revolutionary—VR akin to the invention of movies, and AR heretofore only depicted in movies. But sports still have to be played in actual reality, with the ball, by athletes, patrolled by referees with old-fashioned 99-cent whistles in their mouths. Are any of those billions for those who play in the real world?

VR will be huge, but it will be only a small subset of AR.

Jody Medich

Singularity University VR designer

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