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2020 AR

In the next three years we’ll stumble through several cycles of excitement and disillusionment with AR/VR. But in 2020, it will all click. AR/VR will deliver sports fans thrilling new experiences in viewing, gaming and training.

Sports Consumption in AR

Every way you now use your phone to consume sports, you will also use in AR. You will bring up web pages and tap on apps—rectangular screens will float in the air. When the game is on, you can open up a live stream and either pin it off to the side or enlarge it to a 90-inch screen, front and center. Because the glasses use lasers to project the light directly onto your retina, the image will be perfect. Best of all, you can create a screen and then share it with friends. Or the party can switch into 3D mode, and the basketball game can be played in volumetric video on your coffee table as everyone sits around it.

The stadium experience will be transformed. Here’s why:

  • 01

    All the data you could possibly want can be overlaid on the live action. Let’s say you’re at a baseball game. The purist can turn it off. The geek can see defensive rotation stats, pitch speed and speed of the batter running to first. As a pinch hitter is warming up, his highlights are available off to the side of your view and you can tap to watch.

  • 02

    You have your own personal replay device built into your glasses. Swipe left in the air to go back in time. Raise two thumbs and the highlight gets posted to social media.

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    Imagine you’re playing tennis with AR glasses. As your opponent’s backhand loads, the artificial intelligence engine is already displaying where you likely need to run to. As the opponent’s shot is on its way, you’re already seeing a target in the opposite court that you should aim at.

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    Want to learn receiver footwork from Jerry Rice? He’s stored in your helmet. He’ll be there in volumetric video, on the field. First he shows you a game highlight of his. Then he breaks his route down into pieces—his three-step jab, his dig footwork, his route-tree decision making. As you run through it, you can see on the field exactly where each foot should land. A friend can even throw you darts as you break open.

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