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2017 AR

Meanwhile, the groundwork for AR is laid. Pokemon Go gave the world a taste of augmented reality in a sort of 2D fashion. But sports can legitimately lay claim to the first live AR experience—the Virtual Yellow 1st & Ten Line, which has been included in NFL broadcasts since the late 1990s. Augmented reality in 2017 will make consumers familiar with three primary types of nascent AR:

  • 01
    More Pokemon GO Treasure Finding

    Walking through Ballpark Village to a Cardinals game, fans will collect Matt Carpenter, Yadier Molina and other players. Or, to build their Ultimate team in FIFA 18, video gamers—rather than buying packs—can scoop up players outside the Emirates in North London.

  • 02
    Smartphone Overlays

    In 2017, you will be able to hold your smartphone up in a stadium and see player data overlaid on the live action. At a business conference, looking at people through your camera will display their LinkedIn resume.

  • 03
    Windshield Heads-up Displays

    Already common in some cars—will have a wider field of view and integrate more information than map turns and speed, such as showing text messages and sports scores.

But a Revolution has begun

Both Meta and Magic Leap—the two best AR systems—have pledged to make their workplaces “screenless” by March 2017. Instead, employees will wear AR headsets, working on virtual screens that hang in the air above their desks. Those in the know will recognize augmented reality is everything that VR isn’t—crystal clear, with no sickness.

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