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We are in the early days of a social technology revolution that is transforming solo activity into team fitness.



Alt-Athletes have reenergized ancient activities like yoga, rock climbing and distance running. They have also created wholly new enthusiasms like parkour, skateboarding and bungee jumping. Perhaps even more interesting, millennial Alt-Athletes have begun to mine the activities of their youth with traditional sports to create new games. Snowboarding is a combination of surfing and skiing. Disc golf is a mashup of Frisbee and golf, while Ultimate combines Frisbee with soccer. Kite windsurfing is a hybrid of surfing, sailing and parachuting. Dodgeball has been reinvented on trampolines. Paddleboarding is a mash-up of mucking around in a canoe and paddling big wave surfboards over to breaks. Everything old is made new again and the combinations are endless—there are no rules like in other sports. So as soon as underwater foils were invented, they spread virally from sailboats to windsurfing to surfing.

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