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Will going to stadiums to watch sports continue to be an important part of our culture?

Opening Up

New megavenues that can handle up to 250,000 fans will redefine the game-day experience. The seating area around the field won’t necessarily grow, but the arena space will extend outward to include a greater variety of ways fans can experience game day. Ballpark Village St. Louis is an early step in this evolution. Tickets will no longer be sold just for seats in view of the field; open-concept venues will provide tiers of access that allow fans to roam the complex. The tailgating experience will come inside the gates. The high-end fan will enjoy the luxury box, while the average fan brings the family to the pavilions, open at one end to the stadium bowl. These fans watch the game on massive high-definition jumbotrons from standing bar areas and picnic tables. Amusement-park rides will entertain the kids. Think of the experience as part Phoenix Open (189,000 fans per day), part Coachella music festival (75,000), part Kentucky Derby (165,000 fans), and part Disneyland.

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