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How will broadcasting change?

Challenges in the New Media Landscape

For Sports Organizations

  • Maintaining exclusive dominion over regional viewership rights distinct from national and international contracts

  • Creating new business models designed for online viewers; developing mobile content

  • Integrating live sporting events with video games in real time

  • Using the Internet to build new fans for minor and emergent sports

For Broadcasters

  • Adopting a start-up mentality and becoming innovative leaders in online distribution of games and other sports media

  • Deciding whether to compete with or partner with new online venues and telecommunications providers

  • Preventing online piracy while responding to fans’ desire to share images, video and other content

  • Reacting to quickly-changing viewer habits and practices during a time of regulatory uncertainty in a fast-changing media environment

For Digital Media and Broadband Companies

  • Breaking the stranglehold that broadcasters hold over video content rights

  • Establishing profitable business models for the delivery of online sports content

  • Offering reliable premium content that will attract viewers

  • Developing profitable new apps in specialty mobile news and highlight packages

For Fans and Viewers

  • Finding high-quality, relevant sports news and information based on personal preferences in a media landscape with hundreds of options

  • Determining which sites, commentators, and sources can be trusted for accurate, timely, and reliable content

  • Deciding whether to pay for sports content or access it for free through sites that offer pirated or substandard media content

  • Becoming media sources themselves by offering other fans commentary, video, data, or other content

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