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For the babies of the future and their parents, the potential benefits of assisted reproductive technology (ART) like germline editing and artificial wombs are undeniable. Which breakthroughs will prompt society to overcome traditional aversions to prenatal interventions? Safety first. Enhancement later.

Birth Timeline


Age 18-25
Woman desires children, either with or without partner.
Woman is offered sperm or sperm is collected from partner, either previously frozen or derived from fresh iPSCs.
Embryos are genotyped at around day 5 and screened for risk factors.
Genomes are edited to remove any obvious or strongly indicated risk factors.
Prospective parents are offered a set of embryos to implant.

$1K–$10K to clinic

Egg Harvest

Age 18-50
Woman goes to fertility clinic.
AI-based virtual progeny.
Skin and laparoscopic biopsies are done.
iPSCs converted into eggs.
Eggs frozen and stored.

$1K–$10K to clinic


Natural/Dangerous Birth
9 months in mother’s womb

The New Normal
C-Section at 3 months.
6 months in an artificial womb.

$10K-$30K to hospital

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