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For the babies of the future and their parents, the potential benefits of assisted reproductive technology (ART) like germline editing and artificial wombs are undeniable. Which breakthroughs will prompt society to overcome traditional aversions to prenatal interventions? Safety first. Enhancement later.

Biological Banking

Today, there are around 500 cord blood storage banks. These will evolve to store many types of patient cells, including marrow and enhanced, modified immune cells, ready to be reinserted as medically needed. As patients gain control of their medical records and gain at-will choice for medical service, their loyalty will tend to follow wherever their cells are banked.

Genomic data from almost every ART baby will be stored, eventually finding its way into the hands of law enforcement and hackers. A dramatic reduction in certain types of crime will cause a societal upheaval as forensics teams gain access to genomic databases and more sensitive methods of DNA sequencing.

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